profile picMichael Akladios is the founder and manager of the Coptic Canadian History Project. He earned his PhD in History from York University on the immigrant experience of the Coptic faith community in Toronto, Montreal and New York following the Second World War. Michael’s dissertation is entitled “Ordinary Copts: Ecumenism, Activism, and Belonging in North American Cities, 1954-1992.” His research tackles questions around the influence of the “Coptic renaissance” on emigre activism, the role of ecumenical movements in the formation of Coptic institutions in North America, and the politicization of diasporic identity and collective memory. In addition to his doctoral research, Michael has published opinion pieces on Canada’s Arab immigrants and Coptic populations in Egypt, and is a course director at York University.

Professional links: Robarts Centre. Twitter.
Research Interests: Canadian history; immigration and ethnicity in North America; Middle East studies; Coptic studies; transnationalism and diaspora; race and racism.
Interview with Michael Akladios: Mundane Transnationalism

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 3.18.32 PM.pngMiray Philips is the Digital Cafe Blog Curator at the Coptic Canadian History Project. She is also a PhD Candidate in Sociology at the University of Minnesota and a Visiting Research Fellow at Johns Hopkins’ School of Advanced International Studies. Her dissertation research is on political representations and mobilization around Middle East Christians, specifically Copts, in Washington DC.

Professional links: University Page. Twitter.
Research interests: Religious freedom and human rights; knowledge and representation; collective memory and cultural trauma; ethno-religious minorities; diaspora.

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