Myseum partnersDuring the month of March 2018, Myseum of Toronto’s third annual Intersections Festival will explore the theme: Arrivals & Departures. The aim is to highlight Toronto’s many communities, cultures, and characters, illustrating how different perspectives converge to create multiple visions of our city’s past, present, and future.

St. Mark’s Coptic Museum will mount a diverse and interactive exhibition to showcase how “arrivals” and “departures” are interrelate processes involving the movement of people, ideas, cultural artifacts, and their dialogue with other cultures in Toronto. The exhibition features:

1) An interactive public history talk titled  “St. Mark’s Parish: Copts’ Journey Through Toronto’s Places of Worship, 1962-1978” by Michael Akladios, founder and project manager of the Coptic Canadian History Project (York University, Toronto, ON). The talk opens the exhibition and will include various multimedia elements to chart the history of Coptic Orthodox immigration to North America, of transnational networks between Toronto, Montreal, and the New York/New Jersey area, and to contextualize the local history of Coptic Orthodox immigrants in Toronto.

2) That first generation of immigrants had the “idea” to create a Coptic museum to share Coptic culture and civilization with future generations of Copts and Canadian society at-large. A visual panel will trace the milestones between the “idea” and the Museum’s engagement in Canadian culture and museum sectors.

3) An interactive montage exhibit featuring the stories, challenges, and achievements of Coptic professionals – in Egypt, as immigrants in Canada, and Canadian-born descendants – who have joined the cultural sector.

4) A guided tour of the Museum’s collection, showcasing artifacts and memorabilia as portable stories that provide ideas about people who created them, owned and/or used them. We chart the journey of these objects from Egypt to Canada and aim to uncover the stories they embody.

5) Capping-off the exhibition, we launch an historic series of contemporary narrative icons by iconographer Victor Fakhoury. His art masterfully chronicles events that have affected the Coptic Church and Copts in Egypt since the so-called “Arab Spring” in 2011.

We look forward to your active participation!

Location: St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Museum & Culture Centre, 41 Glendenning Ave. (Toronto, Ontario)

Tentative Dates: March 12th-24th, 2018

More details to follow.

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