In partnership with the Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections (CTASC), the CCHP plans to host multimedia digital exhibits organized around a central theme and presented to encourage viewer interactivity.  Through the use of, an open source web-publishing platform, CCHP researchers will be able to curate, build, and display digital collections and exhibits that incorporate audio-visual and textual material held at CTASC. By blending rich historical and ethnographic research, digital archival tools, and mapping software available through such open source tools as Google Fusion, we will offer our viewers an educational and immersive experience.

Our planned inaugural exhibit will be: “Coptic Places of Worship in Toronto.” Organized around the theme of “ecumenism,” this digital exhibit and interactive map will trace the places of worship used by St. Mark’s parish in Toronto, the first Coptic parish in North America. The inaugural exhibit will premier March, 2018 during the Myseum Intersections Festival.

Omeka exhibit:

digital exhibit

Google map:

Screenshot 2016-09-30 11.51.47

Through collaborative partnerships with institutions and individuals across North America, the Project intends to expand and offer public lectures, host physical exhibits, and develop research tools. For more information and to stay up to date, explore our website and follow us on social media.

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