Third Annual Coptic Canadian History Project Conference

The Coptic Canadian History Project (CCHP) is delighted to host “Who am I? Who are We? Family, History, and Immigrant Identities” on Saturday, May 4th, 2019. Noted scholars representing diverse ethnic groups will discuss the writing of immigrant and family histories at the Archives of Ontario in Toronto. The aim is to encourage conversation around scholarly efforts to unearth personal histories and craft contextualized research that is both self-reflective and sensitive to the perceptions, thought categories, language, and local idioms of people in various settings.

The individual is always socially situated and writing is a way to relate to oneself and to others. Yet both the study and analysis of Coptic immigrants position them as insular and marginal to larger national and transnational developments. As such, on May 4th we engage new approaches in immigration scholarship and add the Copts to the story of North American immigration and ethnicity. This event will offer fertile ground for future comparative analysis to illuminate the diversity and interconnectedness of immigrant populations. We invite scholars and all community members to come together and share, reflect, and debate.

Below are the programme and a form to register. Attendance is free and refreshments will be provided. Please register to attend due to limited seating and catering needs. We look forward to welcoming you at the Archives of Ontario.CCHP 3rd symposium program-001

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