Second Annual Coptic Canadian History Project (CCHP) Conference

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St. Mark’s Coptic Museum – Myseum of Toronto Intersections Festival

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Presentation by CCHP Founder and Project Manager


On Saturday May 27, Michael Akladios presented on recent developments in Egypt and the future of the CCHP at “Scholarship, Activism, Public History: Celebration of the Work and Leadership of Craig Heron.”

Inaugural Coptic Canadian History Project (CCHP) Conference

Held in the private dining room of the Schulich Executive Learning Centre on Thursday April 6, 2017, the theme of this year’s conference was: “Coptic Studies and the Many Meanings of ‘Diaspora’.” The event was generously supported by professor Marcel Martel, the Avie Bennett Historica Canada Chair in Canadian History, and sponsored by the Department of History, York University.

CCHP conferences participants, April 6 2017

In addition to exciting panels from an interdisciplinary group of researchers from across North America, the CCHP conference featured a keynote address by Paul Sedra, associate Professor of History at Simon Fraser University. His talk addressed the need to historicize escalating sectarian violence in Egypt and its impact on Christian-Muslim relations, both in Egypt and its émigré populations.


– Dr. Gilberto Fernandes (History, York University): “Archiving From Below: Preserving the Collective Memory of Canada’s Immigrant Communities”

– Dr. Christopher Grafos (History, Professor Bridges’ Academy): “The Archive on Display: Public History and the Delivery of Historical Knowledge”

– Dr. Helene Moussa (Volunteer Curator, St. Mark’s Coptic Museum): “The Cultural Role of a Coptic Museum in the Diaspora: a Source of Identity?”

– Bishoy Dawood, PhD. (Theology, University of St. Michael’s College): “Diaspora or Presence? Toward a Coptic Orthodox Theology of Mission”

– Bavly Kost, M.A. (Theology, St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary): “The Renewal of Coptic Theology: the Integration of Community in the Coptic Diaspora”

– Joseph Youssef, PhD. (Anthropology, University of Toronto): “(De)Centralizing Egypt: Negotiating Coptic Identity in the North American Diaspora”

– Michael Akladios, PhD. (History, York University): “Pragmatic ‘Ambassadors:’ Coptic Clerical Rhetoric as Performance, 1954-1981”

– Sara Farhan, PhD. (History, York University): “The Sectarianism Fallacy: Observations on a Failing Category of Analysis”

– Miray Philips, PhD. (Sociology, University of Minnesota): “Emerging Narratives by Diasporic Copts in Response to Sectarianism in Egypt”

– Candace B. Lukasik, PhD. (Anthropology, University of California): “Copts and ‘the Persecuted Body’: Migration and Transnational Networks between Egypt and the United States”

Canadian Society For Coptic Studies, Junior Scholars Initiative

Friday April 1, 2016 (NMC, University of Toronto, St George Campus)


Bishoy Dawood, PhD candidate (Faculty of Theology at St. Michael’s College)
Roxanne Bélanger Sarrazin, MA (Département d’Études anciennes et Sciences des religions, Université d’Ottawa)
Emile Tadros, MA (Department of Religious Studies, McMaster Divinity College)
Joseph Youssef, PhD Candidate (Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto)
Bavly Kost, MA (Chaplain, Sunnybook Hospital Toronto)
Michael Akladios, PhD Candidate (Department of History, York University)
Dr. Carolyn Ramzy, assistant professor (Department of Ethnomusicology, Carleton University)

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